Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to Military Spice!

I have been wanting to launch this site for a long time so this is exciting! Soon, this will move to I bought the domain last summer, but this project was postponed due to some technical difficulties with my computer. It's taken care of, but I am new to the html and logistics of blogging, so I kept waiting until I had time to get a better grasp of it.
Finally, I just decided to go for it
now and update and refine the layout later.

I am a military wife, my husband serves in the Air Force. Prior to my marriage, I had never cooked anything besides desserts. And I use the word, cooked, loosely. For the first week after we got married, Hamburger Helper seemed like a delicious idea. We didn't have a microwave or a refrigerator that first month, so saving food and heating it up was a problem. Less of a problem than you would think though. We were young and beginning our dream in our first house together. We took pride that it was ours, and didn't mind that there was little inside of it besides... us. Eventually we got the appliances and I began to explore recipes as a complete novice. We retired every flavor of Hamburger Helper from our house, it was no longer so delicious.

My husband didn't join the Air Force until we had been married for almost a year. Our first duty station was Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas. Prior to our thousand mile move, I had been in school for graphic design. I quit in a heartbeat to follow my husband, but was a little disappointed that there weren't any design schools near our base. I discovered a connection with cooking because there was little else to do and it was a way to take care of my husband. My family was no longer close, so it was up to me to learn how to make what I loved to eat. I was pregnant, so whenever I had a craving I knew I had to make it for myself.

When we got stationed to WPAFB, I completed my graphic design degree and there was a strong influence of cooking and items in my kitchen in most of my new projects. I enjoyed making food look artistic through photography, but it was also convenient for me since I am a stay at home mom.

I love to write.
I love computers.
I love photography.
I love to cook.
I LOVE to eat.
A cooking blog only makes sense and I am so excited to get started ;]

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